Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doing This Weekend: What I Should have Done Last Weekend

I got a reminder this afternoon, that the Knights of Columbus bulletin for the local council should have been in the mail. Yesterday.

Uff da.

The good news is that I may, maybe, be able to get the thing done by Monday morning. Then, maybe, the printers will be able to turn it around in time.

Or, not.

Either way, this is going to be - interesting.

Another Weekend

I'd have liked to have been out grilling burgers this noon, but between a light fever, a mild winter storm, and a sensible wife - I've deferred the experience.

Here's what the grill looked like a week ago, after my son shoveled it out:

Last weekend, and this, #1 daughter is here visiting. With her cat, Twitches. Kitten, actually. Cute little thing. Lively, too.

Twitches did a very thorough job of cleaning out that bowl last Saturday.

That 'vest' she's wearing is an Ace bandage. Twitches has a patch of very tender skin on her shoulder - which the bandage and gauze underneath protects. She does not - emphatically not - like the bandage. Or, rather, does not like the process of changing the dressing once or twice a day.
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