Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wife and Daughter on the Phone:
Hypothetical Wedding Plans

My wife and one of our daughters is on the phone as I write this. Happily, we've got one of those phone plans that are affordable, and have unlimited long-distance time.

The daughter in question doesn't have a husband-in-process, yet, but the two ladies were discussing weddings and related topics anyway.

Just as well to review ahead of the crunch, I suppose.

Something I hadn't thought of came up: what to put the groom in. A tux is expensive to rent, and crazy expensive to buy. Besides, I learned, 'they always foul up the size.' There's photographic evidence of that: One of my brothers-in-law's wedding pictures show a marvelously ill-fitting tuxedo.

My wife had me get a suit for the wedding, so I could use the thing later.

Today, I found out why she tagged along for the selection and fitting.

I heard my wife of a quarter century tell one of our daughters that the daughter needs to take her guy to the store, make use he picks out something suitable, and then make sure that the fitting is done right.

'He won't ask your guy, he'll look at you,' my wife said, about the clothing store's employee and the fitting of the suit. About the groom-to-be, my said, "he might as well be a mannequin."

What can I say? She's right.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Now, Something Funny: Not My Own

I haven't made an entry in this blog for quite a while.

And I'm not going to now, either. This isn't so much a post, as a note about a page I found online.

It's a funny (very funny) quantified list of how men can keep a woman happy. Reasonable, realistic ways: like uncloging toilets, checking out noises in the night, and not coming home late, smelling of booze and cheap cigars.

As a man who has been married for over a quarter century, I recognize most of the points: even where they don't apply to either me or my wife.

With the caution that name of the index this list is in is at best regrettable, and that some of the points in the list are mildly off-color, here's "Make her happy."

"(note the full stop)

"In the world of romance, one single rule applies: Make the woman happy.
Do something she likes & you get points. Do something she dislikes &
points are subtracted...."
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