Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wife and Daughter on the Phone:
Hypothetical Wedding Plans

My wife and one of our daughters is on the phone as I write this. Happily, we've got one of those phone plans that are affordable, and have unlimited long-distance time.

The daughter in question doesn't have a husband-in-process, yet, but the two ladies were discussing weddings and related topics anyway.

Just as well to review ahead of the crunch, I suppose.

Something I hadn't thought of came up: what to put the groom in. A tux is expensive to rent, and crazy expensive to buy. Besides, I learned, 'they always foul up the size.' There's photographic evidence of that: One of my brothers-in-law's wedding pictures show a marvelously ill-fitting tuxedo.

My wife had me get a suit for the wedding, so I could use the thing later.

Today, I found out why she tagged along for the selection and fitting.

I heard my wife of a quarter century tell one of our daughters that the daughter needs to take her guy to the store, make use he picks out something suitable, and then make sure that the fitting is done right.

'He won't ask your guy, he'll look at you,' my wife said, about the clothing store's employee and the fitting of the suit. About the groom-to-be, my said, "he might as well be a mannequin."

What can I say? She's right.


Brigid said...

Gosh, this makes men sounds stupid.

... Not that far off, I suppose. ^_^;

Anonymous said...

Everyone is relying on technology these days right? What happened to the family sitting down together and having a good old plan - i guess it just isnt possible in every case, but i presume those were the days.

Maybe ive watched too many movies.

Brian H. Gill said...


I think I see what you mean. Face-to-face talk is preferable, but the telephone (and text messaging) is a pretty good substitute - particularly when one of the kids is over a hundred miles away, and the other twenty miles down the road.

There were up sides to life as it was lived a hundred years ago: more time to sit and think, closer ties with the kids (provided that they stayed on the farm).

But, there are up sides to living now, too.

BTW - Thanks for leaving a comment!

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