Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day - and the Freezer Gave Up

I've had a nice Father's Day - spend largely in going to church, grilling burgers, and goofing off.

Then, in the afternoon, my wife noticed that our freezer was kaput. Defunct. No longer among the functional. And only a quarter-century or so after we bought it.

Then she disappeared.

A few hours later she was back, with an assortment of my nieces, nephews, and in-laws. Also a (huge) new freezer. She'd found one in Alexandria, down the road. With the help of the extended family, the new freezer is in - and has been stocked with the undamaged (I trust) food that had been in the old one.

The old freezer is now sitting on the floor behind where I sit - temporarily, I assume.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maundering on About Exercise - Also Air Conditioning

I had a sore neck last week - which was good news, in a way.

I changed the way I eat and exercise last month - May 17. It involves adding five minutes a day to time I spend on a number of Wii Fit 2 exercises each week, until I'm up to an hour a day. I hit the 25-minute mark yesterday.

The first week was not encouraging. Between a determinedly sensible set of meals each day, plus exercise, I was feeling awful. I don't think pollen in the air, or spending hours outside one afternoon helped. I'd cracked that "if this is what being healthy feels like: you can have it." I kept going, and I'm feeling not-awful now. Which is an improvement.

Last week, I started doing an exercise that works my arms and shoulders. Over-doing would be more accurate. I had a slightly stiff neck by the time I went to sleep that day, and by morning it ached and was really, sincerely, emphatically stiff.

So I started turning my head left as far as I could comfortably, turning a bit more after that, holding, and repeating with looking rightwards. Stretching muscles 101 stuff.

That stiff neck was really good news: I knew that I'd started using muscles that hadn't been attended to in a long time. I also realized that being able to do something a quarter-century ago didn't mean I could jump right back and do it again now.

There. That's quite enough of some dude who's pushing 60 writing about the state of his neck.

My wife, son, and #3 daughter set up the window air conditioner - just behind my desk chair. This is now the coolest, driest, and almost the breeziest spot in the house. #3 daughter set up a line of box fans from here to the other end of the ground floor, in an effort to get some of the 'cool' down there.

It's almost 100 Fahrenheit outside - also windy. Summer is definitely here.
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