Friday, August 8, 2008

Whizz! That Was Wednesday and Thursday Going Past

I could blame it on the Ash Street Project.

It's been active in front of the house. This morning, a crew put in our new sidewalk. My son and I spent a good part of an hour watching that. And, in my case, taking pictures.

Maybe it's my diabetes.

That's not too realistic. Not all that much has changed recently: Although I'll know more, when results come back from today's tests.

My guess is that I'm distracted.

And, not all that well organized. "It could be worse" applies here, but my planning and organization skills could be better, too.

The point is, I'm back - and intend to get another post out 'soon.' However much time that is.

In case I'm not back today, have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sacrilege Down the Road: A Very Serious Post

Morris is a little over an hour west of here, on Minnesota Highway 28. Since I grew up in the Red River Valley of the North, I think of that as "pretty close."

I've got happy memories connected with the town, but the recent news from Morris isn't good.

Sacrilege in Central Minnesota

An associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, Morris, is bragging that he put a rusty nail through a consecrated Host, and did the same to some pages from the Quran and from a book written by atheist Richard Dawkins: and threw the whole mess in the trash. (More at my "Quran, Eucharist, Atheist Book Nailed by Equal-Opportunity Desecrator" Another War-on-Terror Blog (August 4, 2008).)

As a devout Catholic, I'm appalled.

I learned about the incident in yesterday's homily at Our Lady of the Angels, here in Sauk Centre. After the mass, my son asked me why I was "moody" during the homily. Under the circumstances, "moody" was doing pretty well. For me, anyway.

Desecration of the Eucharist by State University Associate Professor

Aside from telling what happened, the parish priest passed along what I'm copying out of, the official publication of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (Reprinted as "Diocese 'horrified' by blogger's attack on Eucharist" in The Visitor, St. Cloud Diocese (July 31, 2008)):

"Father Baltes [parish priest at The Assumption Parish, Morris] addressed the issue in his parish's July 20 bulletin. He said that, while the attack on the Eucharist is grievous, it can be a teachable moment.

" 'The scandalous article that was written can become for us a golden opportunity to deepen our fath and love for the Lord in the Eucharist,' he said.

"Father Baltes wrote that Catholics can respond by doing four things:
  • 'Let us be clear about what we believe,' he wrote. 'At the heart of the Eucharistic celebration are the bread and wine that, by the words of Christ and the invocation of the Holy Spirit, become Christ's body and blood,' he said, citing a passage from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • 'Let us give evidence to what we believe in the way we approach and receive holy Communion,' he wrote, urging reverence and 'full awareness of whom we receive.'
  • 'Let us pray for this professor and others who may share his opinions,' he wrote. 'Only the power of prayer, spoken out of love, can transform any human heart.'
  • 'Let [the university] know the outrage we feel at such a blatant attack on the Catholic Church's beliefs and what she holds to be most holy.'
" 'We want people to know we find this offensive,' Father Baltes said. 'At the same time we want to react appropriately and give witness with our lives in how we respect the Eucharist and live out what we celebrate in the Eucharist.' "

What to Do?

It seems pretty straightforward:
  1. Pray.
    • For personal understanding of, and appreciation for, the Eucharist
    • That we show reverence for the Eucharist when we receive it
    • For a loving transformation of the hearts of Paul Myers and others who share his opinions
  2. Act
    • Respectfully but firmly, let the university leaders know how we feel about this outrage. provided contact information for two key people at the University of Minnesota, Morris:
  • Jacqueline Johnson
    University of Minnesota-Morris
    309 Behmler Hall
    600 East 4th St.
    Morris, MN 56267
    (320) 589-6020
  • Robert Bruininks
    University of Minnesota
    202 Morrill Hall
    100 Church St. SE
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    (612) 626-1616
(In each case, I am not making the email addresses active, out of consideration for whoever handles their email. (An exact, live, email link could be found and exploited by spammers.) To use the addresses, copy them into your email software, and replace the [at] with the usual @.)

How Do I Feel About This?

My son's "moody" is a pretty good start. I'm appalled, horrified, saddened, angry: well, you get the point.

On top of everything else, since I live in the state of Minnesota, I've been helping to pay associate professor Myer's salary. And, will continue to do so.

I have some sympathy for the U. of M., Morris, administrators. They may be torn between their allegiances to tolerance and "academic freedom." On the other hand, as soon as I get a good night's sleep, and calm down a bit more, I'm going to put together a letter, explaining just how much I appreciate being forced to support this sacrilege.
More, at: About the Eucharist:
  • "Article 3 The Sacrament of the Eucharist"
    Catechism of the Catholic Church, at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' website
    (1322-1419: Father Baltes drew attention particularly to 1333 and 1374)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday: Afternoon at the Fair

Good grief! It's almost two weeks since I added to this!

I went to see my father last weekend, picking up #1 daughter in Alexandria, and #2 daughter in Moorhead. A mile or so before the 8th Street exit on I-94, traffic slowed to a crawl. From the occasional law enforcement vehicle parked along the Interstate, I knew that something had happened, but a semitrailer blocked most of the view ahead.

That wasn't a problem for #1 daughter and me. We got about a half-hour more conversation in than we usually do, coming to pick up #2 daughter. Traffic was backed up on the 8th Street bridge, too, which got my attention. Saturday's Fargo Forum gave the explanation. Nobody had been killed, thankfully, when a truck was driven under the bridge, with its lift box in the 'up' position. A good-sized divot was knocked out of the bridge, and hit a car.

Aside from that, the trip was routine.

I enjoyed a talk or two with my father, but mostly I slept: at night, with several naps during the days we were there. I think I may have been getting caught up.

Routine? Not quite. #1 daughter brought her rabbit, Giol, along. Also his pet carrier and leash. Giol's harness had been left behind in Alexandria. Happily, #2 daughter located some cloth at the house and made a harness for the rabbit.

Giol was quite a hit at the nursing home. After my father got acquainted with Giol, my daughters took the rabbit for a walk up and down the hall. They visited quite a few rooms on their way.

Daisy, the home's resident friendly Labrador, had to be in her kennel while Giol was there. Toward the end of the visit, I sat next to Daisy, to keep her company.

Yesterday, my son announced that he can now raise his left eyebrow without right one coming along. I wasn't able to do that until around the mid-teens.

The two of us went to the Stearns County Fair this afternoon. It's one of the 'wristband' days, when a bargain-priced wristband will get youngsters onto any number of rides, between 1 and 5 in the afternoon.

My son made good use of his wristband, getting two rides on a perennial favorite of his, the Gravitron: a sort of spinning pie tin of a ride. He went on others, too, but skipped one that he knew would be too much for the way he was feeling. He's okay, but recognized a slight tendency toward queasiness. Hot days haven't helped that.

That lad has good sense.

We took a break from the midway around mid-afternoon, to look at the 4H and Conservation Club exhibits. The Conservation Club had reindeer this year, and a laid-back porcupine, among other creatures.

By the time my son and I got back home, we'd been out ten minutes short of four hours: and a find time it was.

Right now, as I write this, my wife, #3 daughter, and my son are playing "Cue Me" in the living room. And, judging from the laughter, having a good time.
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