Monday, January 14, 2013

Tooth Extraction Aftermath: Not 'as Advertised.'

So far, getting my upper left premolar removed has been quite anticlimactic. Preparations and take-home literature led me to expect pain, bleeding, and swelling: and so far there's been precious little.

One of my kids helpfully observed that pain hit the day after the procedure, when he got his teeth straightened: so I suppose there is still hope.

On the other hand, I don't actually need to experience pain this week.

A bit more seriously, the process went very smoothly. And I'm already noticing a lack of an unpleasant taste. The tooth in question had developed an infection around the root - no big deal by itself, but not something I wanted to ignore.

Happily, all I needed was a local anesthetic. Catherine drove me home, anyway. When I pointed out that I didn't really need a 'designated driver' for the trip back from St. Cloud, she said something like "yeah, right," and kept walking toward the driver's side of the van.

Having a break from driving was nice. I could let my attention wander, and enjoy the passing landscape without worrying anyone.
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