Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday: So THAT'S Where the Keys Were!

After my time at the Adoration Chapel, I put gas in the van and picked up a few groceries. Getting back to the van, I reached for the key. It wasn't where I'd put it, in my coat pocket.

It's got one of these beepers attached, with three buttons: unlock, lock, and "panic." Everybody in this house, and several adjoining properties, knew when I discovered what the "panic" button did.

No problem. I'd probably left it in the ignition. Not smart, but no crisis.

It wasn't in the ignition.

No problem. I'd probably dropped it, there in the van.

It wasn't on the floor of the van, anywhere near the driver's seat.

This could be a problem. But, I'd probably dropped it by the checkout.

It wasn't there.

Oh-kay. I retraced my steps, from the van to Coborn's entrance, and up and down the aisles I'd been in.

It wasn't there.

I waited in line at the customer service desk, had a nice, short, chat, and learned that the keys weren't there, either. A young man with better eyes than mine was deputized to walk the aisles. I went back to the van for another, more wide-ranging, search.

No key.

Key, actually. I did find a pen that I'd mislaid, but that wouldn't start the van.

Back into Coborn's, where I took the young man's advice (he hadn't found the key), and went to the deli. I'd mentioned that I was going to search myself. He was right: an empty deli table is a dandy place to put a coat and the contents of pockets while engaged in an auto-frisk.

I even systematically patted down the entire coat. The key's small enough to have slipped through an (as yet undiscovered) hole in one of the pockets.

No hole, no keys. Lots of frustration, though.

So, I go out to the van, checked around again, and dropped off what I'd bought. On my way out, I talked briefly with a lady who'd lost her wallet. My problem was an inconvenience. She had a more serious concern.

Still no key.

Back inside, I re-checked the entrance and exit: and the checkout line I'd used.

Still no key.

I decided to call it a day, and called home to ask for a ride.

And, discovered that the other two vehicles available aren't ready to be driven yet: We'd sort of mothballed them over the winter. No problem. It's only a few blocks from Coborn's to home, so it wouldn't be more than a mildly nippy walk. Good exercise. I reached in my coat pocket for my gloves.

No gloves

And, no prospect of a ride home.

Still no key.

This was shaping up to be an interesting afternoon.

I checked the deli: no gloves there.

I checked the rout I'd taken: no gloves there. On my way out, I chatted with the wallet-less lady again. She was getting distinctly concerned. By that time, the banks were closed, so she couldn't call in and shut down accounts until morning. I think she was the one who mentioned that she was praying about it, and I observed that praying was known to help.

The gloves were in the van, right where I'd left them. At about that moment, I thought of another spot in the store that might have been overlooked: the floor of the checkout aisle. Back in again.

No keys. At all

I started to put my gloves on. One was a lot heavier than the other. The key, and it's ring, were inside. With the beeper gadget and the Marian medal I keep on the ring.

By that time, I was at the east entrance. I'd been hearing someone calling to another person, down by the west entrance, but had been distracted.

It was the wallet-less lady, catching up to me, with someone from the checkouts close behind.

She'd found her wallet. Good news! We talked about that for maybe a dozen words, over one of those flat-topped trash containers. The cashier had caught up by then, and asked me if I'd found my keys.

I told the two that they might be in for the laugh of their lives. I took the key-bearing glove by one finger, gave it a good shake, and out dropped the keys, onto the table-like top of the trash can.

I got home just in time for my wife and #3 daughter to use the van for something related to our son's birthday. But that's a matter for yet another post.

Wednesday Afternoon: Of Drizzle and Ducks

After getting organized for a writing project, I decided to take advantage of the not-really-ideal weather and get some photos taken. It rained Monday, almost two inches. Tuesday it was drizzles, but the added up to around an eighth of an inch. Today we're getting snow flurries and something that feels like refrigerated drizzle.

There's a flood warning for the Sauk River. It's the one that runs through town, but the warning is for the Sauk River at St. Cloud.

Down there, at six this morning, the Sauk River was 7.3 feet deep. Flood stage is 6 feet, the crest is expected Saturday afternoon at about 8.6 feet, and the record crest before that was 7.2 feet back on April 25, 2001.

Here in Sauk Centre, there's been the odd pond in streets and yards, and - more importantly - a sort of turf dispute between Hoboken Creek and Hickman Drive (Hoboken Creek won, in the short run). Also, a section of cemetery east of town was submerged. There's more about that in this week's Sauk Centre Herald.

Just north of downtown, the park below the dam is, depending on where you are, cold and damp or submerged. The ducks don't seem to mind, though. It's that season, and there were at least two duck-and-drake pairs waddling around.

After checking in on the ducks and the slightly-drowned picnic area, I went to the Adoration Chapel for an hour. After that - I'll write about that in another post.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break, Cast's Off, a Week's Gone By

#3 daughter is almost out of her cast. She'd gone from the past-the-elbow cast to a smaller, lighter model. Then, this week, she had that one off, and is now equipped with a much smaller, strap-on, brace that she's supposed to have on at intervals.

Good news! She has a bit of a time holding things like the kitchen salt-shaker up, but that's what happens when muscles don't get used for a month. She's working at flexing her wrist: and quite interested in getting it back in proper working order.

#2 daughter is still in Louisiana, having periodic phone conversations - mostly with #3 daughter. I understand that giving music lessons is going well down there.

#1 daughter spent the week here, for spring break. And her rabbit, Giol, of course. It's fun to have that furry guy around the house.

I took my son and a friend of his to Soo Bahk Do Thursday evening. My wife wasn't feeling well, and his friend's mother wouldn't be home until late. My son's friend and I got on pretty well: it was mostly me answering questions he had.

And, my son got an early birthday present from one of his friends: Age of Empires, a computer game/simulation that has the user build a civilization from the stone age, up. He let me play it, and it's fun. Engaging. He and his friend have played it (it's got a multi-player mode), with good results.

My wife's still stretching and exercising her way out of the kinks and aches she got in that accident, but she's just about up to par now. Good news.

My wife, son, and #3 daughter are now preparing to go to Soo Bahk Do.

Me? I've been researching, writing, and doing the odd spot of art for my blogs and web pages.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

One More Thing: I got a Haircut

Just about forgot: my wife sat be down in the kitchen and gave me a haircut this afternoon. Now, I'll want to trim my beard so the top and bottom will match, more or less.

Saturday: A 3/4 Full House, Plus One Rabbit

It's been a warm day: temperature is still in the fifties, at a quarter to 7. #1 daughter arrived yesterday, to stay for a few days. It's spring break, so she won't have classes for a while. And, she brought her rabbit, Giol, with her.

My son decided it would be fun to take Giol for a walk today. The idea was basically sound, but he hadn't taken into account the melting snow. It's hard to find a place outside that isn't either damp or downright wet. Giol didn't do much walking. Mostly, he shook water from his paws, or was held by my son. The latter had two pair of wet rabbit prints on his shirt when he came in: a larger set by his waist, a smaller set farther up.

#1 daughter finished a talk with #2 daughter on the phone. #2 daughter is still in Louisiana, giving music lessons and getting to know her in-laws-to-be.

Those of us here watched a Time Tunnel episode (the old sixties series, on a DVD now). That was fun. I'm not entirely sure what my wife, son, and #3 daughter are doing in the living room right now: but they're laughing at intervals, so whatever it is, the seem to be having a good time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling Better Today: Wouldn't Take Much

My temperature is well below 101.6 F today, which I don't mind one bit. There's been some sort of bug - flu, most likely - going around town. School kids are sick (including my son), teachers are sick, and this family has been taking turns being sick.

I'm sick of it.

That was an attempt at humor, folks.

Aside from that, though, things have been going fine.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Night: No Soo Bahk Do, and Health Issues

I've got the house to myself for the moment. My wife, #3 daughter, and son are over at St. Mike's Hospital, getting my father-in-law's breviary to him, and visiting. He checked himself in this afternoon, and they decided to keep him around for a while. At this point, they're just acting out of an 'abundance of caution.'

I've got some catching up to do.

This family has been sharing some sort of bug. We call it the flu, but I haven't a clue what it actually is. If we went to a hospital and had tests done, they might be able to give it a precise name, but the bottom line would still be: 'you're sick, get over it.'

Excellent advice, of course.

My son's had friends over during February, my wife and #3 daughter are recovering from their starring role in a head-on collision, and I've been writing.

A little more detail, from the last week in February:

Monday, Feb 23, 2009

My son was ill, and stayed home from school. My wife and #3 daughter went to choir practice.

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009

My son was still ill, and home. And, down in Louisiana, #2 daughter had strep throat. Not at all pleasant, I gather.

My son asked me about passwords, and how to make good ones. That rather made my day.

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009

My son's back in school, and glad of it.

I signed #3 daughter's cast: the last of many to do so. She told me that she's going to hang on to it, after they cut it off. She also said that a class prankster shook her left hand: the first person to have the good sense to do so! Her right arm is in a cast, and most people try to twist their right hand around to meet her right hand.

I've got a higher fever than my son did: 100.4. Not that we're in a competition.

Thursday, Feb 26, 2009

There's a winter storm on. We got an automated phone call at 10:20 this morning, saying that school would be out at 1:00. We also got a call from a real human being, telling us that there was no Soo Bahk Do (Karate) class tonight.

I heard a tinkling in the south room. #3 daughter was putting wind chimes away. I appropriated them, and have them hung by by keyboard. #3 daughter doesn't like the things. She says their sound reminds her of fingernails on a blackboard. This particular set of chimes has what appear to be small sheets of glass as soundmakers. I think I understand what #3 daughter means, but I like the sound.

By late evening, the storm was clearing.

Friday, Feb 27, 2009

#1 daughter came for a visit.

#3 daughter came up and hugged her.

I looked at #1 daughter and said, "What are you doing here? I was going to call you. You'll have to go back, to get that call."

My wife look around the curtain we have in the doorway to the south room at that point, said, "oh, it's you. I'm going back to bed." Then she went back to bed. (The south room is where we have a fold-out couch set up as a bed, for now.)

Saturday, Feb 28, 2009

My son and I went to Family Fun day at the school. We stayed from about 1:45 to 5:15. As in previous years, we had fun. I took quite a few photos, which will go into the Sauk Centre Journal.

Which brings me up to the present.

This afternoon, after lunch, #1 daughter carried her rabbit, Giol, over to me, and deposited him on my chest. I was relaxing at the moment. Giol began sniffing my shirt and beard, which was okay. Then he nipped me. I'm pretty sure that he thought he was grooming me, as rabbits will do to each other.

But, it was a surprise, and I said, "HEY!"

My mouth was about three inches from his left ear. Giol froze, and the pupil of his left eye was bigger than I've ever seen it. Poor rabbit. My wife brought me a big of carrot, to help me make up with him. That want over very well.

#1 daughter, and her rabbit, left before mid-afternoon. She wanted to be sure to get some schoolwork done, I understand.

Between checking out my father-in-law's house, and visiting him, I don't think any of us will be getting to Soo Bahk Do tonight.

#2 daughter has set a date for her wedding: September 5, 2009. That's going to be another milestone for this family. I'm rather pleased: Her young man seems like a fine, energetic fellow.
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