Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Night: No Soo Bahk Do, and Health Issues

I've got the house to myself for the moment. My wife, #3 daughter, and son are over at St. Mike's Hospital, getting my father-in-law's breviary to him, and visiting. He checked himself in this afternoon, and they decided to keep him around for a while. At this point, they're just acting out of an 'abundance of caution.'

I've got some catching up to do.

This family has been sharing some sort of bug. We call it the flu, but I haven't a clue what it actually is. If we went to a hospital and had tests done, they might be able to give it a precise name, but the bottom line would still be: 'you're sick, get over it.'

Excellent advice, of course.

My son's had friends over during February, my wife and #3 daughter are recovering from their starring role in a head-on collision, and I've been writing.

A little more detail, from the last week in February:

Monday, Feb 23, 2009

My son was ill, and stayed home from school. My wife and #3 daughter went to choir practice.

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009

My son was still ill, and home. And, down in Louisiana, #2 daughter had strep throat. Not at all pleasant, I gather.

My son asked me about passwords, and how to make good ones. That rather made my day.

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009

My son's back in school, and glad of it.

I signed #3 daughter's cast: the last of many to do so. She told me that she's going to hang on to it, after they cut it off. She also said that a class prankster shook her left hand: the first person to have the good sense to do so! Her right arm is in a cast, and most people try to twist their right hand around to meet her right hand.

I've got a higher fever than my son did: 100.4. Not that we're in a competition.

Thursday, Feb 26, 2009

There's a winter storm on. We got an automated phone call at 10:20 this morning, saying that school would be out at 1:00. We also got a call from a real human being, telling us that there was no Soo Bahk Do (Karate) class tonight.

I heard a tinkling in the south room. #3 daughter was putting wind chimes away. I appropriated them, and have them hung by by keyboard. #3 daughter doesn't like the things. She says their sound reminds her of fingernails on a blackboard. This particular set of chimes has what appear to be small sheets of glass as soundmakers. I think I understand what #3 daughter means, but I like the sound.

By late evening, the storm was clearing.

Friday, Feb 27, 2009

#1 daughter came for a visit.

#3 daughter came up and hugged her.

I looked at #1 daughter and said, "What are you doing here? I was going to call you. You'll have to go back, to get that call."

My wife look around the curtain we have in the doorway to the south room at that point, said, "oh, it's you. I'm going back to bed." Then she went back to bed. (The south room is where we have a fold-out couch set up as a bed, for now.)

Saturday, Feb 28, 2009

My son and I went to Family Fun day at the school. We stayed from about 1:45 to 5:15. As in previous years, we had fun. I took quite a few photos, which will go into the Sauk Centre Journal.

Which brings me up to the present.

This afternoon, after lunch, #1 daughter carried her rabbit, Giol, over to me, and deposited him on my chest. I was relaxing at the moment. Giol began sniffing my shirt and beard, which was okay. Then he nipped me. I'm pretty sure that he thought he was grooming me, as rabbits will do to each other.

But, it was a surprise, and I said, "HEY!"

My mouth was about three inches from his left ear. Giol froze, and the pupil of his left eye was bigger than I've ever seen it. Poor rabbit. My wife brought me a big of carrot, to help me make up with him. That want over very well.

#1 daughter, and her rabbit, left before mid-afternoon. She wanted to be sure to get some schoolwork done, I understand.

Between checking out my father-in-law's house, and visiting him, I don't think any of us will be getting to Soo Bahk Do tonight.

#2 daughter has set a date for her wedding: September 5, 2009. That's going to be another milestone for this family. I'm rather pleased: Her young man seems like a fine, energetic fellow.

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