Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday: Valentine's Day and an Almost-Full House

My wife and I gave each other videos for Valentine's Day: She got "Another Cinderella Story," and I got a collection of old Howdy Doody shows. Pretty good choices for each of us, I'd say.

#1 daughter showed up yesterday, with her rabbit, to spend part of the weekend. The two of us had some good talks, she spent time with #3 daughter - and got groceries. That last item was appreciated by my wife.

We got a call from #3 daughter, who is still down in Louisiana. Her fiance is trying to get her to tell him her favorite foods, and other favorites. I gather it's taking quite an effort. #3 daughter isn't much for having 'favorite' anything. He wants to know how to cheer her up, you see, when it's necessary.

#1 daughter decided I needed cheering up today. Twice. I'd been having a difference of opinion with some software. Each time, she brought me her rabbit, Giol. It's quite relaxing, holding that lump of fuzz and whiskers. The second time, Giol did a quite thorough job of licking my neck and the lower part of my beard. Then he whizzed on my shirt.

I had to take a shower, anyway: so no harm done.

#1 daughter and I watched a couple of shows on websites - very handy, being able to decide when to watch, instead of depending on a fixed schedule.

And, of course, my son and I read Garfield comics and sang an old family song before he went to bed.

It's been a good day.

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