Sunday, February 8, 2009

This was a Nice Weekend

This has been a fine weekend. #1 daughter, and her rabbit, Giol, came on Friday and stayed until this evening. It was good to see and talk with her. And, good to have the help.

Giol, the rabbit, has become something of an escape artist. Yesterday morning, he got out of the enclosure #1 daughter had set up in the basement. I heard crinkling and bumping down there, and asked her to take care of her rabbit. By the time she arrived, Giol had made it most of the way up the stairs.

He repeated his accomplishment today. This time, #1 daughter, my wife, and #3 daughter gathered at the top of the basement stairs to watch him. When I joined them. Giol stopped his one-hop-at-a-time ascent, paused, turned, and went rather deliberately back down the stairs.

#3 daughter and my wife are feeling better. They went to Soo Bahk Do tonight. Mostly to deliver my son. The two ladies were attending in a strictly observational capacity. As my wife put it, 'we'll just watch.' At that, they came home after about an hour, and lay down on the fold-out bed.

I've been washing dishes and doing light housekeeping, but my wife has reclaimed food preparation. With #1 daughter's help. I may be enlisted as kitchen help, tomorrow. Although I've known for decades, what it takes to maintain a house, I'm still impressed at how quickly a swept floor becomes one ready for another sweeping.

Now, if I can get myself feeling unambiguously okay, we'll be set.

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