Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lots of Good Folks Around Here

And everywhere, I suspect.

A case in point: My wife told me that after the collision on Wednesday, she and #3 daughter stayed in the van. Pretty good idea, I think, considering the way she felt - particularly the way her neck felt.

Highway 127 gets used pretty often, so people noticed the accident, stopped, and asked if they could help. The driver and passenger of the other vehicle, thank God, were out and walking around quite shortly after the collision.

Meanwhile, my wife decided that, since she didn't have much to do except sit and wait, and considering how she and our daughter felt, it would be a good time to pray.

So, she was saying "Jesus please help us" over and over when a man came up to see if they needed assistance. He told her that there was a picture of Jesus in the back, and asked if it my wife would like to look at it. She answered in the affirmative - and he set it in front of her. If it's the one I think it is, I think the postcard-size picture used to be in the front.

My wife says she really appreciated that.

When #1 daughter picked up groceries yesterday, people there asked how we were, my father-in-law has been asked, too. The accident got on the Alexandria television news (maybe elsewhere, too), and in Alexandria's Echo Press.

The article got one detail switched around: my wife was driving, not #3 daughter. When #3 daughter found out, she was a bit peeved and said something like, 'the first accident I've been in, and they say I was driving?!'

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