Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday: Just About Everyone's Here

Except for #2 daughter, who's down in Louisiana for a few months, we're all here this weekend. #1 daughter came down from Alexandria on Friday, to make a long weekend of it here: bringing her rabbit, Giol, with her. He's got a place in the basement to stay when he's here.

The Twin Cities set a record yesterday: warmest day on record. It was pretty warm here, too: around 40. Things are back to normal today: the snow is a little wilted, but still very much with us. There's around a foot and a half on the ground.

#3 daughter showed #1 daughter where the emergency room staff taped her up: it's where the seat belt was. No serious damage, but I'm told that it looks distinctly unappealing. #3 daughter was impressed that the hospital put transparent tape over the lacerations. She can see every detail through it. She's not positively impressed: but she is impressed.

I'm glad that #1 daughter's here. It's nice to see her and her rabbit, and talk with her: but it's also nice to have someone else to help in the kitchen.

My wife has been up and around more, and doing parts of food preparation that need intelligence and experience. I don't know, but it's possible that my using her kitchen has been speeding up her recovery.

My father-in-law was over early in the afternoon. I found out that he's making a statue of St. Faustina. It'll be in St. Paul's church.

More good news: My wife got upstairs and was able to sleep in a "real" bed last night, instead on the fold-out bed on the ground floor. She's definitely on the mend. Last night she joked that she and #3 daughter would have to go to Soo Bahk Do tonight, to show off their knees - while they're still an assortment of interesting colors.


Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear than your wife and daughter are on the mend. Such accidents are frightening and it sounds like people really came together to help them when they needed it. Wish them good luck for me!

Brigid said...

Um. That's #2 daughter who's down south. #3 is the one up here with a busted wrist.

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