Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dense Fog

I drove up to Hillsboro, North Dakota, today: and back. My wife and I had to take care of some business up there, involving the Spiral Light Candle company. That's what my son-in-law and #2 daughter have been working at developing for about a year now.

I'd hoped that the patchy fog we'd driven through on the way up would be gone this evening. Instead, starting between Fargo and Fergus Falls, we met light fog, medium fog, and downright emphatic fog.

It is not a good sign, when driving on an Interstate at night, when the lights of the semi in front of you disappear. Along, apparently, with the edge of the road.

I was very glad to be home, under our own roof, where I learned that there's a Dense Fog Advisory on until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. Thankfully, I probably won't have to go out in it.

Now, an unabashed bit of self-promotion:
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