Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Storm in Minnesota: Not Much, So Far

Albany, down the road, had five inches of new snow on the ground around 5:30 this morning: and the National Weather Service has a "Winter Storm Warning" in effect until 3:00.

So far, the heaters in the house are keeping the place at a comfortable 60 to 64 degrees, more or less, depending on where you're standing.

"Comfortable?" Have I mentioned that I grew up in the Red River Valley of the North? A half-century ago?

Here in town, so far, we've got a nice, fine, snowfall, and not all that much wind. Still, I'm just as glad I don't have to drive anywhere.

You can take a look out the window with the webcam, at Small Town America: Minnesota . We didn't have that back in the Good Old Days. Why, in my day, we didn't even have wood-burning webcams!

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