Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feeling Under the Weather, & a Video Camera

My wife and #3 daughter came home early, from minding the shop. They've got one more day of filling in for my father-in-law - and my wife tells me she plans to take it very easy tomorrow. Good idea. She wasn't feeling too well this afternoon. And she's skipping Soo Bahk Do tonight.

When she does that: I know my wife isn't feeling well.

Oh, well: we've been through this thing before, quite a lot over the years. We both take that 'in sickness or in health' thing seriously. And she's had me to put up with: so I'm glad to be able to turn around and be helpful for her.

My son's been talking about a video camera he's interested in. I know how it is to be enthusiastic about a gadget - and the importance of due diligence. I think this will be another learning experience for him.

Apart from that, it's been raining; the snow is melting; and I'm looking forward to warmer, dryer weather.

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