Tuesday, November 23, 2010

About 100 Miles of Errands

The family's van is back. The overheating I mentioned last week (November 20, 2010) was due to a leaky water pump.

We've got a new one now. That, plus a change of oil & filter, and a quick once-over, should take care of the van's maintenance needs for a while.

Famous last words?

I spent the afternoon on the road - going to St. Cloud to get a copy of my son's birth certificate - so that he can get a photo ID - and then stopping in at Melrose on the way back to pick up medications.

I'm looking forward to staying inside tomorrow: the forecast involves sleet, freezing rain - and a winter weather advisory.


Brigid said...

That's for tomorrow? Oh great. I better pay attention so I know if I can come home for the weekend.

Brian H. Gill said...


Yeah. Weather isn't exactly cooperating for Thanksgiving weekend.

I think we're better off than folks in the Northeast, though.

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