Thursday, August 1, 2013

'I'm Not Doing This for my Health'

I haven't heard someone say "I'm not doing this for my health" for a long time: even by my standards.

That phrase used to mean "I'm not doing this because I want to or enjoy it."

I started walking on Monday of this week. "I'm not doing this for my health:" although technically that's just about the only reason I go outside and sweat.

I skipped yesterday. Between driving to St. Cloud in the morning for a medical follow-up, and spending an hour at the Adoration chapel here in Sauk Centre, there wasn't much left of the day: and I had deadlines to meet.

Apart from that, though, I've been doing a half-hour each day. I've found that I cover six blocks in that time, so taking a timepiece along isn't necessary.

I met Ryan, of Ryan's Bike and Board shop, on today's walk. He's a young man who does something with bicycles, skateboards, and longboards. The latter was new to me.

Ryan told me that a longboard is like a skateboad: but longer, wider, with different wheels, and used more for travel than for stunts.

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