Friday, September 6, 2013

Prescription SNAFU: September

I used the last of my methylphenidate prescription earlier this week. I had verbal assurance from the local pharmacy a week ago that a fax requesting authorization for the refill had been sent. There's no mail delivery on Labor Day, so I had hoped that perhaps the 'it's okay' piece of paper might arrive Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon came and went, so I hoped that it might be in Wednesday's mail.

It wasn't.

I understand the social and legal circumstances behind this situation. Methylphenidate can be misused, so although I need it to function adequately - a piece of paper has to be sent from St. Cloud, Minnesota, to Sauk Centre each time I need to renew this prescription.

After learning that the local pharmacy's new automated prescription processing system deletes this particular prescription after I enter it in the 'correct' way, I have spoken to one of the folks there when renewing the prescription. It's a bit more work, but at least this way there's a better chance that the request will get processed.

A few minutes ago I called the office in St. Cloud that may or may not have received the fax, and may or may not have processed it: forgetting that they don't take calls after 11:00 a.m. on Friday.

Oh, well: maybe the authorization will arrive in today's mail. Or tomorrow's. Then again, maybe not.

This is frustrating.

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