Thursday, September 6, 2007

Second Day of School

Today, I discovered something important: It's not a good idea for a fifty-something guy, who's still exercising his way back from decades of arthritis, to do a brisk half-mile walk in this heat. It got up to around 95 yesterday, and wasn't much cooler today.

Oh, well. Live and learn.

Our #1 daughter came back for a few hours today. We talked her out of getting bangs: hardly the most earth-shaking decision in the world, but that's what family life is about.

Our son still thinks his teacher is great, and still doesn't like his arithmetic homework.


linda said...

I guess that "bangs" are equivalent to a fringe, I can relate to your daughter's need to discuss it. I spent 3 months thinking about getting a fringe - discussed it in detail with my niece, hairdresser, husband (tried to talk to my 10 year old son about it but...) and then finally did the deed. Am now growing it out. Really, such a thing should not rate on earth moving decisions, but somehow does. Must be all about self esteem or something. Who knows. PS, I have enjoyed read bits of your blog. Thanks.

Brian H. Gill said...

It a way, hair style is trivial. In another way, not so much.

The way hair is arranged (or in my case largely missing) makes a great deal of difference in a person's appearance. And, that affects how others perceive you.

In my daughter's case, she seems considerably younger than she actually is: not the best thing for a twenty-something trying to find a job.

The bangs would have youthened her even more: not the best idea right now.

Thanks for commenting!

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