Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Monday and Tuesday: Last of June, First of July

The first part of this week whizzed by.

I've lost track of how many times the crews have dug up the street outside, filled it in again, and then dug it back up. There is probably a very good reason for doing things this way - and we can use the intersection while the street's filled in. That's quite a convenience, since if the 8th and 9th street crossings are both blocked, we have to drive around the Stearns County fairgrounds and a couple residential blocks to get to the rest of town.

Our son, following my wife's instructions, brought my old HO scale train and tracks upstairs. He built a surprisingly functional bridge of Construx on a counter in the living room: and would have tried looping the track around into the kitchen if #3 daughter hadn't intervened.

I went to Melrose this morning, for a routine X-Ray and talk about my new hips. They're both there, looking good, and working well: so, I'll be going in to another checkup in a year.

Asked how I was doing, with the new hips, I said that I'm ebullient. It's great, being able to move around without the, ah, discomfort I'd gotten used to.

Our son is excited today, because the Bionicles website has been upgraded. I don't understand all the details, but apparently it's even cooler than before, now.

My sessions at Fitness Guru, that exercise place, must be doing some good. I tried a new arm-exerciser Friday, and had sore biceps for the weekend. Nothing serious: but I could tell that I'd done some extra exercise with them.

Back at the exercise place Monday, I talked about the situation, and sketched out a sort of schedule for doing the best job of working my muscles.

More good news: I got another check from the advertising service I use.

Monday evening, my son and I read a list of pithy sayings and a sheet of answers from an elementary-school bible class test. That was a good change of pace. The test answers were funny: one of my favorites is, "When the three wise guys from the east side arrived they found Jesus in the Manager with hey and cow poop all around."

We're back to reading Garfield tonight.

It's getting late, and I've lost a filling. Time to stop.

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