Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Whizzing Wednesday, an Identical Cousin, and a Desk in the Attic

Wednesday whizzed by, as far as I was concerned. Getting caught up from that unplanned 'vacation' from the Internet had me unusually concentrated on getting things done.

I did notice that #3 daughter's 'identical cousin' was here that day. Those two look more alike than any two of our children, and they get along famously.

Thursday, I discovered that my wife and #3 daughter had cleared my desk up in the attic. It's a piece of plywood supported by a filing cabinet at one end, and a set of 2x4 legs at the other: and serves my purposes very well.

I was touched by that bit of organizing. I'd mentioned, a few days ago, that I planned to get more work done up there, after I found a way to set up a workspace. My idea was that some time, probably next year, I'd have gotten my weight down and flexibility up enough so that I could rig some sort of drafting table.

And here, those two ladies got that desk in shape for use: complete with a quite sufficiently comfortable chair.


I spent some time up there this afternoon, getting some research done: much easier now that I had a place to put the books, a place to make my notes, and a fluorescent desk lamp to shed light on the process.

Also Wednesday, I started using a Wii Fit set that #3 daughter bought: At this point, in terms of readily-available assets, she's got more money than I do. Which is fine.

I exercised using the gadget again today: it gives pretty good feedback, and tracks progress (or lack of same). I'm actually looking forward to using it again. Being able to improve my performance over a 24-hour period helped, I think.

My son-in-law-to-be left for the Red River Valley of the North today. Among other things, he's a little concerned about his dog, Sprocket. Sprocket is in the care of a conscientious and reliable 12-year-old. The conscientious and reliable part doesn't worry my soon-to-be-in-law. It's the 12-year old aspect of the situation, I gather.

#2 daughter has been talking on the phone to someone for quite a while, and she's still at it. My guess is that it's Sprocket's and her guy.

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