Monday, June 14, 2010

About a Trip, Age, and Burying the Cable

My wife and me, and #3 daughter, returned from a good visit with #2 daughter and her husband over the weekend. Also #1 daughter and our son. The latter is staying there for a month. They'll get some work out of him, and he will, I expect, have a good time. A win-win situation.

I'm definitely no longer 20 years old. Four decades back, a 170-mile trek on the Interstate didn't leave me feeling like this. It would have helped, I think, if I'd had the good sense to stretch my neck and shoulders on the trip - which I'll try to remember next time. The base joints of my right hand's first two fingers don't ache as much now, as they did when I woke up: for which I'm grateful.

This evening/afternoon, around 5:00, a couple guys came and buried our cable/telephone/Internet connection: bringing the deck/patio project to a conclusion. One of them was camera-shy, so I won't have a photo of that - but I do have pictures of the rest.

Which I really ought to get around to processing for this blog.

My wife & #3 daughter are playing Mario Kart in the next room: and I'm trying to get caught up with today's work. Which I should get back to, now.

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