Tuesday, June 8, 2010

That was a Nice Day

I woke up this morning: always a good thing, considering the alternative.

Aside from a brief struggle with some financial data - no crisis, just trying to get the right numbers in the right places - I had a productive day.

Then, after walking down to Coborn's pharmacy to pick up a prescription, I spent a few minutes out on the new patio/deck/thing, to read a book with my wife. Actually, she was reading one book and I was reading another. But we were doing it together.

Which brings up another point: we now, after about 20 years of planning & waiting, have a new deck out back. It's only fair to warn you: I've got photos.


Brigid said...

Eh? "to be read a book with my wife"

Brian H. Gill said...


Fractured English, yes? Fixed it: Thanks!

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