Monday, August 30, 2010

A Quiet Evening, Aside From a Tornado Watch

This is going to be a much less routine night than I expected. There's a tornado watch out for this area.

You can see why:

(From, Minnesota, used w/o permission)

I'm not surprised. It's been hot, humid, and windy all day - 'thunderstorm weather.'

Here's about as much as I know about the watch, so far:
"Statement as of 9:40 PM CDT on August 30, 2010

"Tornado Watch 636 remains in effect until 200 am CDT for the following locations

". Minnesota counties included are

"Chippewa Douglas Kandiyohi
Lac Qui Parle Pope Redwood
Renville Stearns Stevens
swift Todd Yellow Medicine
I'll be keeping an eye on this set of storms, obviously. At the rate they're going, I figure it'll be a half-hour, maybe an hour, before the excitement starts here.

If I seem overly-calm about this: I'm pretty confident in the storm-spotters who get deployed outside town in this sort of situation, the warning sirens have been inspected and serviced recently, and - like I said - I'll be staying up to keep an eye and ear out.

There's a view of a Sauk Centre neighborhood on this webcam: Small Town America: Minnesota .

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