Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wet Albums, Loud Fans, and Grilled Burgers

I spend about two hours this afternoon, cutting foam plastic squares in half, taking the records (vinyl albums) out of their jackets and inserting a half-square of the plastic, to keep the two sides apart.

I wasn't able to get the job done with all of them: but did process the lot that had been put in the garage, instead of being set up in the basement where Servicemaster's fans and dehumidifier are. The jackets were not damp: They were wet. I rather hope that I got to them in time - and that we can hang on to the drying system long enough to keep the collection from molding.

Other than that, it's been a fairly normal day: high-volume fans and a humidifier pumping water out of the air - and so, indirectly, out of the walls and floor on the first floor and basement; grilling burgers - actually, #1 daughter did that today (thanks!). I was talking with a fellow from Servicemaster when it was time to fix lunch.

I'm not complaining: but those fans are rather loud. I like the sound, actually: but it makes a certain amount of concentration necessary when I want to talk with someone.

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Brigid said...

You're welcome!

And those fans are maddening to me, but I may be more sensitive to noise than you are.

Brian H. Gill said...


More sensitive - or differently sensitive. I've run into folks that feel discomfort as a result of sounds or vibrations that I can sense - but don't bother me. Or their coworkers.

Then, there was the office in Oakland, California, where I applied for a job. Something in there was screaming - the electronics, I suspect. Apparently I was the only one who could hear it.

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