Monday, October 18, 2010

Busted Water Pipe, Day 32: Plumbing Progress and Regress

When this Monday dawned, the house had a working bathroom: two, if you count a lavatory. Then, briefly, we had two: or three.

Now it's back to one: or, like I said, two.

We're doing fine, really: No porta potties, and no plans to excavate for an outhouse: which is probably illegal inside Sauk Centre. I'd have to check zoning and other regulations.

The good news is that it isn't the same one that's out of commission at the moment. We're getting some overdue maintenance/repair word done upstairs.

On an unrelated topic, my wife's got a cold now. They say that it's a good idea for couples to do things together - but this probably isn't what that anonymous "they" had in mind. She says that I seem to be on the mend - which may be true. I don't feel sick, or tired, or much of anything else: and thinking isn't as easy to do as I'd like.

Oh well, as we say in Minnesota: It could be worse.

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