Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of Exercise, Heat, and Melting Butter

I've been adding five minutes a week to my daily exercises - and would have been up to 55 minutes, as of yesterday. (June 7, 2011) Since I did 60 minutes on Sunday - without meaning to - I decided to skip to the full hour this week, since that was the goal.

I did 1:09 yesterday, in two installments: a tribute to determination, fortitude, an air conditioner and strategically placed fans. Mostly the air conditioner, I think.

There's a heat advisory on for my part of the world, until tomorrow night. It's actually not all that bad - the thermometer got below 80, Fahrenheit, last night: and inside the butter didn't melt completely. Thanks, again, to an air conditioner. Window unit. Rated to keep one medium-size room comfortable.

A system of fans gives us the equivalent of inadequate 'central air' on the first floor - which is enormously better than what either my wife or I grew up with.

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