Thursday, June 28, 2012

Planned Power Outage, Lots of Quiet, and Me

A planned power outage took my webcam offline for most of yesterday. It's back, providing a look out the window at my corner of small town America. Literally. It's looking out the window, near my desk:I'd figured the power would be off for maybe two hours. That estimate was a little off.

The electrician cut power a little after 8:30 yesterday morning. Circuits started coming back online by mid-afternoon. It's an old house, previous owner(s) had been less than orderly about the electrical system: and I really should have known better.

It's been a big job. At one point, when the electrician and his son were sorting out the electrical panel, a mass of wires overhead looked like an unraveled high-tech bird's nest.

We expect to have power restored to the kitchen stove today. The 'original equipment' in the basement, feeding power to that appliance, needed to be replaced: and nobody can carry everything along in a truck.

With no electricity yesterday, the house was quiet. I was also unable to do the usual research and writing. It was nice, in a way. I spent a half-hour on the front stoop, making notes and enjoying the view. I also finished reading "Platitudes Undone" - a facsimile edition of a book discovered in a San Francisco bookstore. Someone had given G. K. Chesterton a book of 'intelligent' sayings: which Chesterton read, writing comments by most of them. I think it's funny. A 'serious thinker' reading the book might have another reaction.

Yesterday was a reminder of an age gone by: a time remembered fondly as an era of serenity, tranquility, and quiet contemplation.

The experience reminded me of why I like living in the Information Age.

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