Friday, October 26, 2012

Flu Shot

I got my annual flu shot yesterday. It's a routine I started a few years ago.

The year I missed the influenza inoculation was the same year I experienced a modestly spectacular encounter with the flu. That may have been a coincidence, but then again maybe it wasn't.

I need to find out if I have been inoculated against shingles. I think I took care of that. If not, it should be done.

As usual, folks at the pharmacy where I got the shot were very earnest about getting full health insurance information from me. I think it's a cultural thing. I was born during the Truman administration, but my attitude is rooted in an older tradition.

By the time the fellow who does the injection came, and asked - again - about insurance, I'd become a bit 'earnest' myself. I told him:
"The insurance won't pay it. Nobody else will pay it. Somebody's got to pay it: so I'll pay it."
He told me that he remembered me from last year. I believe it. ;)

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