Monday, October 27, 2008

That Was a Nice Weekend: Damp, But Nice

It was snowing at about 9:10 this morning. Which was a change of pace. Yesterday featured "October's bright blue weather." Actually, what was happening this morning was more snizzle than snow: a sort of snowy drizzle?

I've grilled lunch twice this weekend: always a pleasure. The wind today made the grill hard to light. We've got a new grill now, with a U-push-it lighter: I think the button is connected to a spring-loaded flint and steel inside.

Each time I tried to light it with that built-in lighter, it didn't light. I suppose the wind was blowing the LP gas away. I used up about a half-dozen matches, trying that approach, then decided to try the built-in lighter one more time. With a click and a soft "whoomp," the flames emerged, and I could start grilling.

Two paragraphs devoted to how I got a grill lit today. That wasn't the only significant thing that happened.

I've talked with my son several times, mostly when he came over to see what I was doing. #3 daughter has been writing some more, and my wife is looking forward to seeing High School Musical 3. It arrived in the movie theater on Friday.

We got a call from #2 daughter this evening. My wife and the rest of the at-home family were at Soo Bahk Do when the phone rang, so she talked a little with me. Then the folks returned home, and the conversation continued between my wife and #2 daughter.

I gather that #2 daughter wanted some advice on how to deal with her young man. Good thing my wife got home when she did.

All in all, it's been a relaxing weekend.

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