Friday, April 9, 2010

A Bulletin and Clerical Errors: Two of Them

It could have been worse.

Somebody at the Post Office called me this morning: either my numbers were 'way off, or we were missing over 50 bulletins.

Not good news. Particularly since there would have been no way to know which 50 were missing.

I was pretty intense (sorry about that!) with my wife and daughter, who had dropped the mailing off at the Post Office. At the time, what I thought I was doing was making it very clear what might have happened - and that this was non-trivial. That's not, I think, quite how it came across.

They came home, with news that they hadn't seen bulletins on the ground/streets/sidewalks around the Post Office. Which I believed. Even with today's wind, that many would be hard to miss.

So, at the Post Office I discovered that I'd made a sort of double clerical error in one of the forms. Not my best work. I'll be reviewing my procedure, next month - and paying particular attention to some of the details.

Knights of Columbus members should be getting their bulletins in tomorrow's mail, unless they live well away from Sauk Centre.

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