Friday, April 23, 2010

So That's What My Chin Looks Like!

Yesterday I said I was going to trim my beard, tomorrow. Today is yesterday's tomorrow, and I trimmed it.

I got smart, and used the same trimmer my wife uses on me: a sort of electric razor with a set of (brushes?) that hold the cutting surfaces a (fairly) fixed distance from the skin.

I think she used the 1/8th inch brush yesterday. I asked her, by the way, and learned that she didn't remember which one she used: she just 'grabs one' and starts cutting.

That might explain a few things.

For the beard trimming, I chose the 1/4" 'brush,' to more-or-less match the rest of my hair. That's a lot closer than I can get it, using my fingers and a scissor.

Anyway, I finished trimming the beard, and had an impressive pile of white, gray and brownish-black hair in the kitchen sink. The bathroom sink isn't available: but that's another story.

Then my wife comes around the corner, takes one look at me, and starts laughing.


She's never seen me with a beard this short. Neither have I, for maybe a third of a century.

Now, several hours later, my wife, our son, and #3 and #1 daughters agree: I look - different.

They're right, you know.

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