Monday, April 26, 2010

So That's What My Chin Looks Like! - the Photo

Friday, I wrote that I'd tried something new for trimming my beard.

Boy, was it effective!

I took that photo of myself yesterday, testing out a setup for making at-the-computer videos. Which is another topic.

The downstairs bathroom is now missing a sink and most of the wallpaper (wallpaper? in a bathroom??) - and looks a bit like a construction site.

Which, in a way, it is. My wife and #3 daughter have been prepping the room for new fixtures that will be coming soon - I hope.

Meanwhile, my wife's another step closer to having that patio she's wanted for - over twenty years now. She had a chat with the 'call us before you dig' folks in Minnesota. I trust that'll go smoothly.

Last week (week before last??), someone from the regional gas company came by. He, and about ten other fellows, were working this part of the state. It seems that a supervisor had been leaving work orders on his desk, instead of processing them. He's been dismissed, I understand. I feel a little sympathetic, job market being what it is: but you just don't do that.

This is, in a way, good news. We've had good experiences with the company for years: until this one project.

That work order was to find out what would be needed, to deal with the patio we're planning. I suspect that our contractor lit a fire under someone at the gas company - we weren't the only ones whose projects were waiting for a routine task.

Anyway, the technician explained why it'd taken months instead of days to get around to our job - and showed me where the gas meter will go, when the patio goes in. We're responsible for seeing to it that a pipe is run there.

Like I said: good news. The bricks, sand - everything has been sitting on the contractor's lot, waiting for that 'we need to put the gas meter here' task to get done.

Now we've got all the paperwork in place, I hope. I'll admit to being a bit excited about this patio project.

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