Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Parade, County Fair, and Karaoke

The bank time and temperature sign across from Sauk Centre's post office showed 94 degrees when I parked. By the time I came out it was cooler: 93 degrees.

My father-in-law's recovery is in a rather tedious phase. His knees are about the same from one day to another, but there's improvement, week to week.

This week's Sauk Herald cleared up what the ambulance run after the Sinclair Lewis Days parade. A 7-year-old Melrose boy jumped off a float a little early as the parade units were going into the Stearns County Fair grounds.

The trailer rolled over his leg, giving him really bad road rash. He was taken to St. Mike's, then to St. Cloud hospital. Six days and three surgeries later, he's back home: and hoping to walk to school this fall.

Nothing that spectacular has happened to my family, happily.

The week after Sinclair Lewis Days, Stearns County Fair came to town. I didn't see as many folks Thursday afternoon as I expected, but maybe the severe thunderstorm warning had something to do that.

My son and a cousin went on the rides Friday afternoon, taking advantage of the one wristband / unlimited rides offer. Our oldest daughter and I were there, too, getting video of the fair (me) and seeing the exhibits (my daughter).

This year the fair had Karaoke night. It's a first for the Stearns County fair, I understand. I didn't go. I spent two hours of the evening calling numbers at the Knights of Columbus Bingo booth. Singing after that didn't seem like like the best use of my time. Our oldest daughter sang, though. Twice, I understand.

There isn't much left of the fair today, except for two or three trailers parked where the midway was.

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