Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday: New Schedule and 4 1/2 Hours Without Internet or Phote

Following up on a counseling session this morning, I sketched out the tasks I have set for myself - and started putting them into a weekly schedule.

And, found out why I feel so frazzled sometimes. I've been over-reaching a bit.

So, starting today, I've been using the schedule to keep me on track. Or, rather, that was the idea. Around 2:15 this household lost our Internet connection: as well as phone and television. I eventually found out that a fiber-optic cable had been cut, and several cities in Minnesota were 'in the dark.'

We got our connection back about 6:45.

Since quite a lot of what I do is online, that 4 1/2 hour outage put quite a crimp in today's plans. My sincere hope is that tomorrow will go more smoothly. On the 'up' side, I got quite a lot more of the paper-and-pen work done than I normally would.

Apart from that, the day was pretty routine: I cleaned out one of my wife's sprout-growing trays; she's practiced on the keyboard (including something from "The King and I"); my son's looking forward to a field trip to the state capital this week; and he and I wrapped up our day by reading Garfield.

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