Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Afternoon: Sunlight and Music

I'm told that #3 daughter played guitar another time, recently: but this afternoon is the first time I've heard her do so, after the accident. At this moment, she's singing, too.

#1 daughter has left, with her rabbit and my son's probably-defunct laptop. We're hoping to at least get data off its hard drive: the laptop, that is; not the rabbit. She'd have stayed later, but she and my wife thought it would be best for her to go a bit early, then rest, drink tea, and apply warm cloth to her head. She's got a sort of cold in her sinuses. Par for the course, this season.

I did much better than I expected to, in Soo Bahk Do Thursday, and plan to go again this evening.

Last night, watching a Bleach episode on my computer, my daughter wondered why I didn't use the headset outlet on the speakers, instead of switching plugs each time I wanted to go from headset to speakers and back.

It was a 'shazam!' moment for me. I'd never thought of it. I've got the headset plugged into the speakers now, of course: Makes all the sense in the world.

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