Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday: Of a Defunct Laptop and Some Guy on a Bobcat

#3 daughter was out, helping my son shovel, last week. She's definitely feeling better. That wrist is very much on the mend: she's down to wearing a brace 'as needed.' Like when she's shoveling.

I'm assured that she took it easy. She's sensible.

And, I learned that "some guy on a Bobcat" (a brand of snowmobile) has been by twice, now, when she was shoveling - and did quite a bit of the work both times. She doesn't know who he is, she tells me.

My son is not a happy camper today. He's got a fever - not much, just a degree above normal - and we kept him home from school. On the up side, an external CD drive he'd been waiting for came. Then, when he plugged it in, his laptop went dead. No lights, no fan - nothing.

Right now, it's a large trivet.

My son is not a happy camper. I've called the place in Alexandria, up the road, where we get our servicing done, and will be having #1 daughter drop it off Monday. (Unless something unusual happens, we'll be seeing her this weekend.)

My wife comforted the laptopless lad, and made arrangements for him to work this summer, and save up enough for a new laptop. He's been putting money away for a while now, but a thirteen-year-old's income, in this household, encourages patience when it comes to large purchases.


BNS said...

Aww heck, I thought that trivet link was going to be a photo of the laptop/trivet. :-D

Brian H. Gill said...


Dang! I should have thought of that.


DJ Reidak said...

Well, it was a little more than just plugging it in, it was plugging it in AND plugging in this weird cord that came along with it.
Also: I don't have to pay for ALL of it. Only a reasonable chunk of it.
I don't see exactly how it relates to a trivet, though.
And, at least I still have a desktop computer I can use, although it doesn't handle internet very well.

DJ Reidak

Brian H. Gill said...

DJ Reidak,

Points taken - and, it doesn't look all that much like a trivit - but it could be used as one. Not that we would.

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