Thursday, April 4, 2013

New-to-Me Keyboard

The bad news is that my left fingers and thumb are still giving me fits at intervals. The good news is that so far I've been able to manage the situation by paying very close attention to my posture, and taking painkillers before I sleep. I don't like using painkillers, or other pharmaceuticals: but I'm not stupid, either. Sometimes using available technology is better than the alternatives.

Speaking of technology, yesterday I had my son help me swap out my computer's keyboard for an 'ergonomic' one my father had. My son had pointed out that he had the old keyboard in storage: as part of his repair shop's stock.

The new-to-me keyboard is one of those 'bent' ones where a standard QWERTY board is split into two angled parts. I've used it before, but not often.

I learned to type on old manual typewriters, and need to slow down a little when the keys aren't quit in the expected places. On the other hand, my fingers are getting used to the new positions: and this learning process is a lot easier than developing a system for typing with my right hand only.

I'd been considered one-hand typing last week. It's very frustrating when I get only a handful of sentences out before having to de-stress my left hand and arm.

Aside from that, it's a beautiful day: bright sun and several degrees above freezing.

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