Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday: Finally, I Can - Relax?

If you follow me on Google+, 'never mind.' I posted most of this on G+ a little earlier today. (May 6, 2031)

Last week wasn't hectic for me, but not dull either. I was catching up on sleep lost to a 'need it fifteen minutes ago' task when my wife reminded me that we were going out of state for the weekend.

No problem: I wrap up Friday and Sunday's posts, schedule them to show up at the right time, and drive to North Dakota. While there, I enjoy time with #2 daughter and daughter-in-law, and start catching up on the previous weekend's sleep: plus what I'd borrowed for the current weekend.

Surprisingly, the cold I'd been dodging didn't catch up with me until today. It must have gotten winded in the process, because it's a puny thing.

For most folks with 9-to-5 jobs, Monday is when they trudge back to the cubicle for another five days of toil. For me, it's the day when I get to relax: except for a Knights of Columbus bulletin that I would have been finishing on the weekend, if I'd been in Minnesota; and the next set of posts; and - - - at least my life's not boring.

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