Friday, May 24, 2013

Popping a Lens: Twice

I've been short-changing myself on sleep this week: far from a good idea.

That might be part of the reason that I dropped my 'task' glasses today. Twice. Actually, the first time I brushed against them, tried to stop them from falling by pushing on them with my arm: at which point the right lens popped out and bounced - - - elsewhere.

I tried to get the lens back in, using tools we have on hand: without success. A few minutes at the eye doctor's fixed the situation, though.

An hour or so later, I managed to slide the glasses off some papers and onto the floor. This time the left lens popped off. Back to the shop, where I learned that these frames don't play well with the lenses. Not with my prescription. The solution is for me to be really careful about flexing the frames.

That, I can do.

#1 daughter and I made a trip down to Cold Spring, near St. Cloud, to drop off a state-government-agency-related document. That was fun: nice weather, no road construction to speak of, and about two hours to talk. That was between the two 'fix the glasses' jaunts.

My son had questions about high-definition programming through our cable provider: and wound up saving the household a tidy sum in reduced rates. In the process I gave the provider authorization to talk with him about technical issues: he's the best techie in the family.

Now, I need to get some sleep.

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