Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to 'Adjusted Normal'

I took my methylphenidate prescription this morning, for the first time since - Saturday, I think.

I'd miscounted, which resulted in my getting the request for another prescription into the local pharmacy's system last week. I confirmed that the fax was sent to the St. Cloud office, called there to make sure it had been received, with an oral assurance that the authorization would be in the next day's mail.

That was Friday. If mail service was unusually prompt, the 'okay' might be here Saturday. It wasn't, so I checked Monday afternoon.

The local folks hadn't picked up their mail yet, but called back before 5:00 to let me know the prescription would be ready. They're in an awkward position: the mailbox serving them is on the other side of Ash Street, about a hundred yards from the nearest door. That's a long, chilly walk in winter.

It may be a few more days before my neural chemistry is back to 'adjusted normal,' but there's a perceptible difference already, at about 10:20 a.m. I'd love to be without need of this and the other pharmaceuticals, but that's not the way things are.

I spent all day Sunday and Monday feeling as if it was nearly midnight: after a day if intense mental efforts. I was 'functional,' in the sense that routine tasks like walking, talking, and brushing my teeth were possible: but I was also profoundly glad that I didn't need to be particularly bright just then.

Writing this post went smoothly, so now it's time to start work on — what was I working on before???? ☺

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