Monday, January 6, 2014

Getting the Furnace Fixed

Our furnace is getting repaired. That's very good news, since it's about 19 below zero, Fahrenheit, outside. The wind chill is about minus 30. That's cold, even for central Minnesota in January.

We noticed that the furnace was getting temperamental on Friday. The house was alternately warmer and cooler than expected. Sure enough, a particular sequence of indicator lights was flashing on the furnace and there was a pool of water around it.

Today was the earliest a technician could come: we're probably not the only folks with balky systems. Happily, we've got procedures for dealing with this sort of thing. Even so, a circuit breaker tripped - I think that was Friday night. That was an easy fix, and now #3 daughter knows how to check and re-set the circuit breaker panel.

The obvious problem with the furnace is gunk that's collected in one of the pipes involved in the humidifying machinery. That's easy to deal with, I gather, but the tech is still here.

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