Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday: Catching up on Saturday and Sunday

I see I haven't made an entry since Friday.

It's been a good weekend. I grilled both days, with #2 daughter keeping me company while I grilled Saturday.

#2 daughter and I talked a bit, but mostly she spent time with #3 daughter, and my wife.

The Ash Street Project working its way closer to our house. Today, a backhoe scooped out most of what was left of the three elms in front. Again, the good news there is that the northernmost tree had a rotting core, and might have come down in the next wind storm. It was taller than the house, and it's much better that in came down in controlled conditions.

My wife is still having me evaluate the many books that came back from the farm. #2 daughter helped with that. She went through the piles, looking for books that she found useful and/or interesting. She found quite a number. Including, I believe, one that's in Latin.

The Sauk Centre Grandpa stopped by for a while, to see the stuff and talk with us. He's been out of town for some sort of meeting. I gather that he's glad to be back.

Sunday was Soo Bahk Do night, as usual. My wife tells me that there was a test this time - and that she may have done well. I hope so. That's proven to be a good learning experience for her, and the kids.

Today was pretty much routine: back to daily chores. I got a bit of organizing done in my 'office' space: and have plenty more to do.

My son and I read Garfield all three nights, of course.

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