Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday: Sooner or Later, We'll Want Air Conditioning

I dropped the van off at the garage today: for a straightforward replacement of two worn tires, and a not-necessarily-straightforward investigation of why the dashboard fan switch gets hot.

The Ash Street Project is in our front yard now. There's a deep excavation at the corner, and a quite redundant 'Road Closed" sign in front of a mammoth pile of dirt that blocks the road.

My wife and #3 daughter were over at the Sauk Centre grandpa's this afternoon, minding the shop for him while he was out. Our son was with me, and had the task of starting the baked potatoes. He remembered the task without my prompting. Which is a good thing, since I'd forgotten that he was supposed to do that.

For all the dust, noise, and shaking of the ground, the Ash Street Project gives us something to watch. Walking toward the church, I met a lady with a toddler. She told us that she was from a nearby town, where her street had been torn up recently. The two of them were here to watch the work, apparently.

The toddler said "WHEE!" at one point, after a particularly large machine made a particularly loud sound.

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