Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday: Just How Smart are the Ants?

My wife bought ant killer the other day. Immediately, the ants disappeared. She hadn't even opened the bottle: they just weren't there any more.

I'm sure there's another explanation, but it occurred to me: 'Maybe they knew!'

We're keeping the anti-ant insecticide. Odds are pretty good that they'll be back.

Meanwhile, I took my laptop down to the shop in Alex this afternoon, and asked how our son's computer is coming along. My laptop's hard drive is probably kaput, and my son's computer is still being looked at.

All the repair jobs are taking a while now, since we had that run of lightning storms. People don't take as much care with their computer's electrical connections as they should.

Aside from that, I got some more photos of the Ash Street Project. I'll probably use them in Sunday's Sauk Centre Journal. A crew was filling in a major excavation at the intersection one block north of us.

One of the cousins was here today, visiting #3 daughter. I learned that she's quite interested in history, so gave the go-ahead for her to look through the books that we brought her from my father's place. She left with over a dozen: not light-reading ones, either. I've asked for a selection of those to be returned, when she's through reading them.

My wife, our son, and #3 daughter went to Soo Bahk Do again tonight, as usual. Also as usual, I read Garfield with our son.

Update, about 10:50. #1 daughter locked herself out of her apartment. She used a neighbor's phone to call her landlord. He said he was five miles away, and was coming. Four hours ago.

#1 daughter is a bit concerned. She called here about 10:30, and talked mostly with my wife. I got a call a few minutes after that. A woman asked me when I was going to let #1 daughter into her apartment. I think that was #1 daughter's neighbor, under the impression that she was calling the landlord.

This could be a long night.

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