Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday: Rain, Work, and a Little Thunder

Our son left at the regular time today, but after touching base at school he and his class went to ValleyFair. He got back, as expected, a little after 7:00: and surprisingly un-tired.

He told us that he'd gone on one roller coaster, for the first time in his life, and some other rides. And, had a good time. On the way back, he told me that those kids who had a seat to themselves lay down and rested. He was one of those kids.

Tomorrow, it's the Arrowwood water park in Alexandria.

I've no clue how these trips are "educational," but our son is enjoying them.

I spent the day getting a bulletin that I edit ready for printing, brought it to the printers, and managed to get most of my online writing done before supper time. While downtown, I noticed that Winter's Corner Drug had a 'SALE' sign up in the window: quite a substantial reduction, too.

It's a little surprising that I got so much done. Thunder and lightning obliged me to shut down the computers for a while this morning.

My wife and #3 daughter don't have any scheduled activities until Soo Bahk Do on Thursday evening, so my wife is setting up a schedule of chores to get done.

My wife and I were talking about my dad's place this evening. She tells me that one of her brothers says he's found out that it's cheaper to rent a U-Haul, than to use his own truck. Also, that with the rig he's found, he figures that he, his wife, my wife, and #3 daughter can get the house emptied in one trip.

I believe it. Marrying into a German family, I've gotten used to witnessing rather high levels of productivity.

It's a good thing, too: the goal is to get the place ready for rental by August.

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