Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday: Thunder, Lightning, and an Evening With the Family

Yesterday zipped by pretty fast. I did my daily writing, drove to Alex to pick up a turntable - now equipped with a needle - and 'swiffered' the main first floor rooms. I must have gotten more done, but it's not coming to mind. That 'swiffering' is what I call wiping off the floor with a towel-headed mop. On the sort of hard surfaces we have here, it's quite effective.

#1 daughter came yesterday, and today. The two of us took out time to talk, but mostly she helped my wife get the attic organized. Those two ladies are doing a remarkable job up there: and may be doing a better job than I would have.

My wife talked with quite a few people yesterday, making plans for the next few weeks, including one of her brothers. After that talk, she laughed and said how pleased she was with her family. Her sister-in-law had negotiated with a you-drive-it moving van company, and dickered down the price we have to pay.

I agree with my wife: I married into quite a family. That brother-in-law of mine, whose wife saved us a neat sum, will be on a construction job in northern Canada for a few months - one of the many skill sets that's a phone call away. More to the point, they're really fine folks.

Today I did my Fitness Guru exercising a little earlier than usual - and a good thing that was. It was sprinkling by the time I drew in the driveway.

We heard thunder after that, so the computers got shut down, and I found paper-and-pen work to do. There's a flash flood watch out for central Minnesota - but I'm not complaining. There were tornado watches from southwest Minnesota to Central Oklahoma earlier this evening.

My wife, our son, and #3 daughter got ready to go to Soo Bahk Do, but came back very early. They hadn't found anyone else there. As a result, the four of us spend a fairly cozy evening in the living room, listening to rain fall on the roof, punctuated by lightning, thunder, and one brief power failure.

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