Thursday, January 1, 2009

Minnesota Winter and No Furnace: Day Four

The furnace still isn't fixed, but the kitchen got up to 66 degrees today. Of course, it was a lot warmer: up to the mid-twenties around noon, and only down to roughly zero now.

There was a bit of excitement yesterday, when the part needed for the furnace came. Make that "a part." I thought there was just one on its way, but when the technician came, we discovered that this was the small package. The other one will be about the size of the kitchen trash basket: ours is about two and a half feet tall.

The technician is a nice guy: he assured us that he'd call to make sure that, if the part was back-ordered, one was shipped from an alternative source. He said that he'd call later, when he had news, and showed up at the door, instead.

I'm hoping that the remaining part(s) arrive tomorrow.

#1 daughter took that photo yesterday, of me working at the 'main' computer. It looks like I'm cozy: but between the bug that's settled down in me for a long stay, and my hands being distinctly below their optimal operating temperature, I haven't been as perky as I'd prefer.

#1 daughter brought her rabbit, giol, with her: he's endeared himself to us, when he isn't getting into an area where he's not wanted. I took a picture of him on a kitchen chair a few minutes ago. By now, he's gotten off the chair several times, and given my son and #1 daughter some exercise, recovering him.

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