Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Night: Videophone Call and Productive Coughs

My son and I forgot to compare heights today: I'll try to catch him before he leaves for school tomorrow.

After a four-day quarter break, school starts again tomorrow. And we've been getting ready for next year, when my son starts home schooling. He and #3 daughter got a study area set up in the southwest corner of the family room.

My wife insisted, since otherwise she'd have to be going down and up the basement stairs to help him with his work. He's going to be making considerable use of the computer that was in the basement, you see.

Right now, the keyboard is partly on an arm of the couch, and the mousepad hangs over the edge of a small table, but the arrangement works. And, my son assures me that he'll be making it better.

We got a call from #2 daughter and her boyfriend-now-fiance this evening.

They're having a fine time down in Louisiana. And, thanks to her young man's technical abilities, it was a videophone call - one way, that is. He had a camera with his laptop, and was able to take us around part of his parent's place. And, #2 daughter could show us her engagement ring.

And, she, #3 daughter, and my wife, all discussed the upcoming wedding.

All in all, a special visit.

#2 daughter's young man told us about (free) software that will let us have a camera at this end, too. My son found the spare webcam in the basement and got it set up this evening. By now, he's probably got the software installed, and is ready to go.

He stayed home this evening, while my wife and #3 daughter went to Soo Bahk Do. He's had the bug I've got. He's getting over it, and we decided he'd better take it easy - to make sure he does.

The bug I have may finally be on its way out. It's acted like a cold, pretty much, and has gone from the feeling-awful stage, through dry coughs, to the rather annoying point where my lungs are doing some heavy housekeeping. My coughs have been what's euphemistically called "productive" today.

I'm looking forward to being bug-free next week. Maybe even tomorrow. But, if I'm going to do that, I've got to get sleep: starting rather soon.


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