Friday, January 23, 2009

My Son's Growing, a Fender-Bender, and Sleep

My son and I stood back-to-back last weekend, and discovered that he's only slightly less tall than I am. We'll try it again, Saturday or Sunday. At the rate he's been growing, he may be taller than I am by now.

He's looking forward to that. So am I, for that matter.

He's enjoying a four-day weekend: an end-of-quarter break, I'm told. He's making use of the time, developing a browser - debugging it as he goes along. It looks pretty good, I think. And, by the time he's done, it'll work, too.

Earlier this week, my wife pointed out to me that I need about eight hours a day, no matter what tasks I have on my to-do list. Taking a look at the way I've been feeling, I realized that she was right.

No surprises there.

I've been doing my own blogging and other writing/modeling, plus work for another party. And, discovering that I can't 'push the envelope' of how long my body will put up with long hours, the way I could thirty years ago.

No surprises there, either.

So, I've cut back on my own work, and what I'm doing on the side, and putting in my eight hours.

What an amazement! I feel better, more refreshed, and (possibly) a little smarter.

Now, if I can just shake this bug that likes me so much. It's nothing serious, but it has been persistent. I think regular sleep, in adequate amounts, will help a lot. Actually, I'm quite certain of it.

Roads around the area have been slick in spots: and #1 daughter was in a fender-bender yesterday. Nobody was hurt, and her car wouldn't have been badly damaged, if the airbags hadn't popped the windshield out.

As it is, she's in the process of getting her car repaired, and finding alternate ways of getting to classes.

My wife and #3 daughter are over at my father-in-law's, visiting one of my wife's brothers and his kids. My guess is that they're having a fine time.

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